And yes, I

The outcome of this election is shocking, and yes I still get a hole in my chest when I think of next January. And yes, I am furious that I witnessed a freshman crying because she was afraid to come out now. I am scared for those who were planning on getting married next year. And yes, I am scared I might not be able to get married in the future. And yes, I needed some time to freak the f*ck out, hug my friends, and cry a little.

However today I was reminded of something very important, and something very relevant. Perusing my school library’s shelf of “books looking for a good home.” There were battered copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul, reference books from the 60’s, and a series on American Women. I picked one up to see a painting of a suffragist on the front.

Yes, Trump’s presidency is scary. But we fought for the right for women to vote for 50 years, and in 1920 we won. In 1840 the first woman earned a college degree, and in 1823 the first black man. in 1877 the first woman graduated from medical school, at the top of her class. In 1903 Marie Curie was the first woman to earn a noble peace prize, and the only woman to have earned two. In 2004 the first gay couple were legally married.

This litany of names gives me hope. We have faced discrimination, racism, homophobia, and injustice before. But we have climbed over and above it. Trump’s presidency might set this country back, but he can not make us forget the past triumphs. And we will continue to fight for all of our rights.

Yes, I am more afraid than I have ever been before. But I still believe in hope.




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