How to grow up a scientist: a To-Do list


  1. Receive your first sheep eyeball at age four, dissect it with plastic knives

  2. Watch nature documentaries (preferable narrated by a British dude (preferably the British dude is David Attenborough)) instead of saturday morning cartoons

  3. Have a book of pointless questions your parents can’t answer, make your parents look up the answers (throw a fit if motivation is lacking)

  4. If any species of animal is present ignore the boring humans

  5. Take any science class offered at least twice (link to classes)

  6. Refuse to wear shoes, ever

  7. Find a book about medicinal plants, decide to heal the world with them, be very disappointed when you discover none of them grow in Texas

  8. Make multiple wooden spears so you can live in the wild, feel terrible the one time you actually hit a bird (don’t worry the bird was fine)

  9. Make survival kit, wear it under your dress at the school dance  

  10. Trade all your birthday presents for donations to a wildlife organization, impress them so much you get a private tour (it was awesome) Link to Organization

And one more:

11) always be really really really excited about science

12) (also never stop at just 10)


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